DNI: typical criteria applies. terfs / transmeds / proshippers fuck off, my page is not for you.

just don't be a freak and we'll probably be good.

i need any mention of rpf (real person fanfiction) tagged, especially if it involves shipping. my catchall is "scottdl".

i probably won't follow back if you're under 16, we don't share interests, or you primarily post dreamsmp / danganronpa.

i tag what i can, but i usually don't tag my main interests. i post about fictional doctors + illnesses untagged, any real life stuff will have a tw.

i can't use tone indicators outside of /s and /j and i'd prefer if you didn't use them either when talking directly to me, it makes me feel belittled.

don't bring me into online discourse, especially ace / pan discourse. i almost definitely don't care. just be nice to each other. thanks.

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